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Cookie Policy

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We invite whomever decides to navigate the website to read our Cookie Policy carefully. The website is controlled by Idea Positvo Soc. Coo. a.r.l.

Idea Positivo has drawn this policy to protect the privacy of all website users and allow them informed choices with regard to the functioning of the cookies placed on their devices (e.g. computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops) during the navigation, thereby following the criteria set by the European regulations on this matter, as well as the General Provisions of the Italian Data Protection Authority n. 229 (“Simplified Arrangements to Provide Information and Obtain Consent Regarding Cookies – 8 May 2014”). Such regulations prescribe that the administrators of all websites using cookies should provide users with detailed information on the types of cookies archived on their devices upon accessing a website, as well as on the aims pursued through the use of cookies and how to handle them.

Should you wish to know more, we direct you to

Cookies are small text files (letters and/or numbers) that the visited web-sites send to the user’s computer system, allowing the storage of information in the browser. Such information can be used during the same visit (session cookies) or upon subsequent visits (persistent cookies).

Cookies cannot gain access to any other data from the user’s hard-drive, nor can they be a source of viruses, obtain e-mail addresses, damage the user’s computer system or control its activity.

Some of the cookies’ functions can be performed by other technologies (e.g. web beacons/web bugs, clear GIFs or any kind of local storage technology allowed by HTML5). The word “cookie” therefore identifies both proper cookies and other similar technologies, allowing the identification of the user or his/her device, as well as the collection of information on his/her browsing activity and use of on-line services.

Cookies can be placed on computers and devices by the administrator of the visited web-site (the so-called first-party cookies) or by subjects other than the administrator of the visited web-site (the so-called third-party cookies), by virtue of a contract between the web-site owner and the third party.

A high amount of cookies is usually present in the user’s browser, sometimes for long storage periods. Based on the different functions they perform, they have been divided by the Data Protection Authority into two categories:


Technical cookies: these cookies solely absolve the function of transferring information to a network of electronic communication, or – where it is strictly necessary – they are used to facilitate the browsing experience or to allow the provider to deliver a service required by the user. They are not used for any other aims and are normally placed on computers and devices by the administrator of the web-site.

Technical cookies can be divided into:


  • Session cookies: they allow the navigation and use of a web-site. They are essential insofar as they allow users to move across different sections of a web-site and to use the services it provides, e.g. the navigation as a registered user or access to protected areas, which would be otherwise inaccessible;
  • Analytic cookies: they can be listed among the technical cookies when they are directly used by the web-site administrator to collect information on the number of visitors and on how they use the web-site, as well as on the occurrence of error messages yielded by the web-site during browsing. Such cookies do not collect information which can be used to identify users. Information in this case is completely anonymous and collected in aggregate form, and it is exclusively used to enhance navigation.
  • Function cookies: they allow users to navigate the web-site based on a range of selected criteria (e.g. language) in order to enhance the browsing experience and customise the web-site, thereby facilitating web-site navigation to all users. The collected information is normally anonymous and does not rely on the browsing activity carried out on other web-sites.

Profiling cookies: these cookies allow to create and define the user’s profile and are used to send him/her advertising material based on the user’s preferences evincible from his/her browsing activity. Considering their impingement on the user’s privacy, the European regulations and the Italian Data Protection Authority prescribe that all web-site administrators should provide detailed information on the use of such cookies, thereby allowing visitors to give or decline their consent.

This web-site uses first- and third-party technical cookies, some of which are dependent upon the presence of social network plug-ins. Idea Positivo also uses profiling cookies to track the user’s browsing activity and create a customised profile of their tastes, habits and choices based on the web pages they visit, in order to transmit advertising material to their devices or use such elements as the groundwork for specific marketing choices.


First-party cookies – in accordance with the rules set by the Data Protection Authority, we hereby provide a list of the specific categories of cookies we use, alongside with their function/s and the consequences of disabling them:



Type of cookie





Storage period  

Consequences of disabling



Technical cookie






This cookie is used to memorise browsing information, and particularly to link the user session at the server side to the user session at the browser side




Session cookie





Unavailability of web-site functions and services.





Third-party cookies

As prescribed by the Data Protection Authority, we hereby provide the links to the current policies and agreement forms of our third parties, namely of web-sites other than Idea Positivo which are sources of cookies for the visitors of our web-site.

Such cookies store information anonymously. They allow to collect data regarding concerning the pages visited by the user without identifying him/her. Stored data are not combined with any other information. They are exclusively used to track and analyse the users’ activity on the web-site and outline statistics based on information collected anonymously and in aggregate form.



Type of cookie







Link to policy







Technical cookies










e _utmz



Google Analytics is a web-analysis service provided by GoogleInc., and it places cookies on the user’s devices. The information collected by such cookies is then transmitted to Google and stored on its servers.

Google uses such information to track and analyse the visitors’ use of the web-site, file reports on the web-site statistics and provide further services related to the activities of the web-site and to Internet use. More precisely:

– utma is used by Google Analytics to analyse anonymously-collected browsing data. Storage period: 2 years;

– utmb is used by Google Analytics to analyse anonymously-collected browsing data and aimed at distinguishing different users without prejudice to their absolute anonymity. Storage period: 30 minutes;

– utmc is used by Google Analytics to analyse anonymously-collected browsing data and aimed at distinguishing different users without prejudice to their absolute anonymity. Storage period: until the end of the browsing session;

– utmt is used by Google Analytics to analyse anonymously-collected browsing data. Storage period: 10 min;

– utmz is used by Google Analytics to distinguish different users without prejudice to their anonymity. Storage period: 6 months.

Google can also transfer such information to third parties, if it is a legal requirement or if such third parties are entrusted by Google with the elaboration of the collected data. Google does not associate the users’ IP address with any other previously-collected data.





__atuvs and




This cookie is used to keep track of the number of shares of any element the user posts on the web-site of Idea Positivo. No information is subsequently sent to AddThis.






Our web-site features buttons designated as “social buttons/widgets” and depicting the icons of social networks (e.g. Facebook). By clicking on such buttons, users can interact directly with the specific social networks and web-sites . In this case, the social network and other web-sites will collect data related to the user’s visits, and Idea Positivo will not share with such social networks and web-sites any of the previously-collected data.


Facebook (cookie policy): configuration:

log into your account. Go to the privacy settings section.




Cookies can be disabled by modifying the browser settings: where the user has accepted the use of cookies by agreeing to the short policy contained within the banner which pops up upon accessing our web-site, he or she will be entitled to modify the cookie setting at any time or decide to disable cookies. All browsers allow users the possibility to adjust the cookie settings according to their preferences. Specific cookie settings can be assigned to different web-sites and web-apps.

Furthermore, some browsers allow the selection of different settings for first- and third-party cookies. Each browser has specific setting instructions: consequently, procedures may vary according to the user’s browser. Further information on the procedures to disable web-site cookies on each specific browser can be found at the following links:


Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:




If your browser is not included in the above list, access the “Help” section of the browser to find information on the correct procedures.


Idea Positivo is entitled to modify or update this cookie policy, in its entirety or in part, also according to prospective modifications of official regulations on this matter, for the protection of the user’s rights. All modifications and updates of the Cookie Policy will be legally binding once they are published on the web-site.

We therefore invite visitors to access this section frequently in order to verify they have read the most recent version of the Cookie Policy.

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