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How long and where do we store your personal data?

Nov 6, 2018 / by admin / In / Leave a comment

We store your data for the amount of time required to carry out the processing according to the above-mentioned purposes. With specific reference to the purposes mentioned in A, we will not process your data any longer than 24 months after your last visit to the web-site.

For the profiling purposes described in B, we will store your data for a maximum amount of time of 7 years (in observance of the principles of relevance, minimisation and storage limitation), unless the user decides to exercise his/her right to object to data processing or to revoke his/her consent. At the end of the storage period, data will be automatically erased or made permanently and irreversibly anonymous.

In all cases, personal data will be stored both in adequately secured servers located within the European Union and in paper format. In the latter case, they will be archived in fire-resistant safes, which will be properly locked and solely made accessible to subjects authorised by the controller.

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