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Why are we giving this information?

Nov 6, 2018 / by admin / In / Leave a comment

The Information on this page of our web-site is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (henceforth GDPR or Regulation), whose aim is to guarantee that the processing of personal data be carried out in full respect of the rights and fundamental freedoms of natural persons. Since May 25th, 2018 such Regulation acquired legal validity throughout the European Union.

Hence, all users of our web-site – which is accessible at www.ideapositivo.it (henceforth: Web-Site) – are to be considered as the recipients of the present Information pursuant to art. 13 of the Regulation.

Please note that such Information is provided exclusively for the use of our web-site and does not account for other web-sites, pages or on-line services the user may access through hyper-textual links.

The objectives we have set ourselves in observance of the principle of Accountability and of the norms set by the Regulation are especially:

  • To ensure that web-users (our potential clients and beneficiaries of our services) understand which personal data we collect, as well as for what purpose and for how long, in strict observance of the principle of the limitation of data storage to the time necessary for the achievement of the intended purposes;
  • To explain clearly and unambiguously how we use the personal data provided to us by web users and with whom we share them, in order to ensure ever-increasing efficiency in the navigation of our web-site, in compliance with the principles of adequacy, relevance and minimisation of data processing in relation to the purposes of the data controller;
  • To explain to our users what their rights are (including the new ones introduced by the GDPR) and illustrate their possible choices concerning the processing of their personal data, thereby according them higher control on this matter as well as granting Idea Positivo the possibility to enhance data protection.

For the achievement of these objectives, Idea Positivo has implemented a set of technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee a satisfying level of safety and privacy as far as personal data are concerned. Such measures take into account: matters of technological upgrading; assessment of implementation costs; the nature of the handled data; the risks underlying data processing.

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