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What data are processed?

Nov 6, 2018 / by admin / In / Leave a comment

Upon visiting our web-site, data concerning identified or identifiable natural persons (users as well as third parties, i.e. “data subjects” according to the GDPR nomenclature) can be processed. Such data are either automatically collected by the web-site (in many cases via automatized systems) or personally provided by data subjects. Such data are:

a) log information

As part of their regular functions, the information systems and software procedures which make our web-site work collect some personal data, the transmission of which is implicit in the application of Internet communication protocols. Although such data are not collected for the purpose of being associated to identifiable subjects, their nature might lead to user identification through processing and association with data held by third parties.

This category of data includes: the IP address or domain names of computers and terminals used by visitors, the URI/URL addresses of the required resources, the time of request, the method adopted to submit the request to the server, the size of the file yielded in reply, the numeric code indicating the status of the server response to the request (e.g. error, successful) and other parameters related to the operating system and computer resources available to the user.

Log information, which includes data that are necessary for a correct use of web services, is also processed with the purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of such services (e.g. most visited pages, number of visitors per day or time slot, geographical location) as well as to ensure their correct functioning.

The maximum storage period for such data is of seven days, unless the necessity of cybercrime investigation is raised by the judiciary.

b) data provided voluntarily by the user

The facultative, explicit and voluntary sending of messages to any of the contact addresses of Idea Positivo, the sending of private messages to the profiles/pages on social media (in those cases where such possibility is given), as well as the filling-out and submission of the “Contact Us” Form in the “Talk” section of the web-site all entail the acquisition of the user’s contact data (name, e-mail address) – which are necessary to answer – and of the personal information contained within the message.

Specific policies will be published on those pages of the web-site where services are offered for which it is necessary to collect the user’s personal information.

c) data collected by cookies

Cookies are small text strings transmitted by the web-sites visited by the user to his/her terminal through the browser used to open and visit web-pages. They get stored in order to be retransmitted to already-visited web-sites upon each subsequent visit by the user. During web sessions, the user might also receive on his/her terminal cookies sent by different web-sites or servers (i.e. “third parties”), which may host certain elements (such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages from other domains) contained within the web-site that the user is visiting.


In general terms, the Idea Positivo web-site uses:

  • Technical session cookies (non-persistent), as far as it is necessary for a safe surfing experience and correct functioning of the web-site.

The storage of session cookies in terminals and browsers is controlled by the user, as at the end of each HTTP session servers register cookie-related information in service logs, with a maximum storage period of seven days (the same which applies to all other kinds of on-line surfing data).

Should he/she want to disable/refuse the use of the above-mentioned cookies, the user will be able to modify his/her browser settings at any time;

  • Analytical cookies, collecting information in aggregate form regarding the number of visitors and how they use the web-site.
  • Third-party cookies, used for sharing contents and information through the main social networks and channels (e.g. Facebook).

Each time the user decides to interact by using the social button/widget or to access the web-site after logging in through his/her Facebook account, some personal information may be collected by the administrators of social network platforms (e.g. the user’s visit to the web-site).

However, Idea Positivo has no access to the data that are autonomously collected and handled by the administrators of social network platforms. For further details and information, we invite you to read our Cookie Policy at the following link.

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